What beauty products deprive your skin of water?

Do you know that there are cosmetics that dehydrate your skin? If you noticed your complexion having been rough, irritated and damaged recently, then probably you use the very dehydrating products. Find out which cosmetics are responsible for ruining the good state of your skin.

Soap, gel and washing detergents

The majority of these products may cause irritations and finding the washing product that will be both effective and delicate for skin is hardly possible. So, how to choose the right cleansing cosmetic? Start with recognizing the state of your complexion, think about the medication that you take, take into consideration the prevailing season and the lifestyle that you lead. When your skin lacks water and is irritated, then you should resign from using soap and water (or other detergent) to clean your face with. In such case, it’s definitely wiser to reach for a product that will do both: manage to remove impurities and balance pH levels.

Face toners

Face toners constitute a special group of beauty products that are responsible for maintaining skin’s pH. Naturally, you can find face toners that moisturize but sadly you can also come across a toner that leaves skin even more dehydrated – they are water-based face toners. The worse though are face toners containing alcohol or acids. I need to tell you that if you use such facial toner and don’t follow with delivering the right care, your skin will be irritated faster than you think. Moreover, skin dehydration caused by using face toner might be the aftermath of improper application of this cleansing product – which is rubbing a dampen cotton pad against the face skin. A definitely better solution is pouring a little of the toner into a hand and pat it into skin.

Serums and gels

Well, serums and gels deprive your skin of water the same way face toners do. If you apply them incorrectly – to dry face or instead of a face cream – then don’t you be surprised that within a few weeks your skin will turn sensitive, irritated and tight. Let me put it straight, serums and gels mustn’t be applied to unprepared skin.

Face oils

These preparations shouldn’t be spread on face solo or being used as alternatives to face creams. Oils leave a protective coat on skin that is supposed to moisturize, nourish and smooth out. However, if you refrain from making your skin ready for the oil, then the effect you achieve might be contrary to what you expected. The most important task of face oil is to cooperate with other face care products that you’ve treated your face with earlier. If your face is irritated or tight, oily and dehydrated, then you should go for lightweight creams without oil content.

Face masks

And this is another type of face care products that may deprive your skin of moisture. If you’re a fan of algae masks or masks that contain clay, then better be careful. The former creates similar effect to oils (occlusion) but the latter dehydrates and makes skin more irritation prone.

Mineral makeup cosmetics

Despite being immensely popular and highly effective, mineral makeup cosmetics may clog skin pores and dehydrate face skin – mostly powders and foundations work this way. Therefore, if you noticed that your skin doesn’t look good after applying one of such beauty products, better go for BB creams.