Stunning skin tips? Here are they!

Dull, fatigued and matte complexion used to pose a problem to me. My look was far from being neat, I guess I might have seemed to be a little bit older than I really was – I just looked bad, so I felt bad. One day I decided to do something with my physical appearance – once and for all. Well, I completely recreated my approach to the skin care. Find out how it looks now.

Cleansing is a must

Nowadays my skin cleansing procedure looks completely different than it did a few months ago. Every day I use a moisturizing face foam and micellar lotion. Twice a week I treat my skin with either face scrub or face mask with fine grains that facilitate massaging. If some of you use micellar lotion, like I do, remember to wipe it off from the skin surface. It’s pretty typical of this type of product to contain detergents and other agents that might left skin irritated.

I keep in mind using face scrubs on a regular basis

My skin used to look miserable because it was clogged with many various impurities. It was covered by residues of color cosmetics (I wasn’t religious when it comes to makeup removal), sebum, dead skin cells (I didn’t treat skin exfoliation seriously) and lots of other nasty substances that my face cleansing products weren’t able to wash down. However, since I discovered how cool and necessary skin exfoliation is, I’ve been looking for new face scrubs (naturally, I make sure that they match my skin type). Regular skin exfoliation deeply cleanses skin, boosts blood flow, erases wrinkles and evens out skin tone.

I use only well-matching cosmetics

Well-matching which means that they correspond to my face skin and satisfy its needs. If you would like to use similar products, you should observe your skin, pay attention to the way it responds to various external factors, including the beauty products you spread on it. Also, you shouldn’t be afraid of seeking professional advice, and I’m talking here about either a cosmetologist or a dermatologist. After all, what matters most is that you don’t cause any damage to the face skin but just satisfy its needs in the best and non-invasive way that is possible.

Every day I drink… water

Yep, I do my best to drink 2 liters of still mineral water a day. Therefore, if you want to have moisturized, smooth and firm skin, then you should drink as much water as I do. Sooner or later you can expect the skin to regain its lost shine and become more supple. Also, you will notice how easy it’s to apply flawless makeup. Trust me!

I visit a beautician

I try to make an arrangement with a beautician at least once a month. My favorite beauty treatments are these which leave my skin highlighted, replenished with water and nourished. I also like massages and peels that a beauty parlor offers. During autumn and winter I expose my face skin to mechanical and chemical peels. All of this makes my skin pretty and healthy.