Sleepless night? Check how to get the rested, radiant skin in the morning

You’ve had a sleepless night, you’ve been partying till morning or working till late, or you’re simply a night owl? Regardless of reasons why you didn’t sleep last night, do your best to improve the appearance of the face skin and eyes. Check what you can do to get back rested look and fresh, radiant skin.

Moisturizing is the basis

If you try to restore natural shine and freshness to your skin after an all-night party, provide the right dose of moisture. Use a moisturizer, gel-based serum or a mist. Thanks to these very products, skin gets back its energy, oxygen and smoothness, has a healthier tone, looks lively and not sleepy. Moisturizing face after a sleepless night matters because it’s easier to apply foundation later on, avoiding potential irritations and blemishes.

Caffeine, not just a drink

A morning cup of coffee will definitely wake you up. Caffeine-based products will work effectively too. This ingredient has a stimulating, relaxing, tightening and blood-increasing effect. Use caffeine-infused moisturizers and apply them to skin around the eyes too. This way you can get rid of puffiness and dark circles. Remember to apply it to the eye skin yet make sure none gets inside the eyes. If this happens, rinse them with warm water immediately.

Make-up & camouflage in one

Have you noticed tiny veins under the eyes? Camouflage them using peach concealer. Don’t use nude colors because it’s not going to work for such imperfections. Pat a bit of product into skin, smooth illuminating foundation over the face and set the effect with a transparent powder.

Make-up for bigger-looking eyes

You can also camouflage the signs of sleepless nights using make-up that illuminates and makes eyes appear bigger. Use a lash curler and a lengthening mascara. You can also apply a bit of light color eyeshadow. This subtle make-up won’t overwhelm your tired eyes. Try a white pencil on your water line to make eyes look larger. You can also apply similar shades to inner eye corners and below the eyebrows.

Illumination & blush

Use a shimmery powder to sprinkle it on your cheekbones, inner eye corners, nose bridge, chin tip, temples and Cupid’s bow. As the particles reflect the light, your skin appears brighter, healthier and fresher, whereas the signs of sleepless night and tiredness are gone. You can get similar effect by applying a natural shade blush. A little amount is all it takes to look rested and radiant.

Enhance your brows & lips

Overgrown eyebrows, not having them shaped, completely neglected eye area won’t make you look better, that’s for sure. And that’s why you should also pay some attention to eyebrows, give them a nice shape, pluck where necessary, enhance using make-up pomade. While doing make-up, apply a bit of light concealer right below the brows to get the illuminated look. Don’t forget the lips. First, moisturize them, next, apply a natural color lipstick. For more intense shine, apply a clear lip gloss too.