Semilac Care Flower Essence. Enchanting Nail & Cuticle Oils (Review)

Stunning manicure isn’t all about the nail polish. It means smooth nail cuticles as well. If we do want our mani to be flawless, we should reach for a nail and cuticle oil. For the perfect finish touch no matter what color or design you have on your nails.

Are you curious of how I keep my nail cuticles soft and healthy? I’d like to share my recent nail-oil discoveries with you!

As a Semilac fan, I placed an order as soon as I saw new nail and cuticle oils. And today I’m ready for a review of Semilac Flower Essence Oils.

What’s worth learning about these endearing oils?

Semilac Flower Essence Oils

Semilac took a chance and launched three new nail and cuticle oils. They already had similar products in stock but this new arrival simply swept me off my feet. I fell in love with the tiny glass vials housing the bi-phase (so two-color) formulas and lovely flower petals.

That’s what makes Semilac Flower Essence Oils look enchanting. Take a look at the photos and see for yourselves. <3

A trio to rescue damaged cuticles

What sets the three Semilac nail and cuticle oils apart? Check which one makes the best choice for you.

  1. Semilac Flower Essence Violet Energy
    It contains Japanese cherry that the whole formula is based on. Blueish knapweeds petals are soaked inside the bottle. This oil focuses on repair, nourishes, moisturises and protects.
  2. Semilac Flower Essence Orange Strength
    It is based on a blend of three oils: argan oil, peach kernel oil and goji berry oil. Orange marigold petals are steeped in the formula. This cuticle oil moisturizes, strengthens and protects.
  3. Semilac Flower Essence Pink Power
    A pink version with nourishing and moisturising green tea extract, ginseng extract, sunflower oil and rosemary extract. Straw flower petals are inside the vial.

Why use nail and cuticle oils?

While reviewing, I’d like to slip a few words about the reason why we should use nail oils.

Oils look very simple but they let us keep healthy and stunning nails longer. They smooth out nail walls, that is the skin around the nails. They also prevent skin from drying out and the occurrence of dry, ragged cuticles. Oils maintain sufficient level of hydration and amount of nutrients. If only your hands (exposed to so many damaging factors) need repair, a good nail and cuticle oil is all it takes.

How to use Semilac Care Flower Essence Oils?

Easy! In order to intensively nourish and moisturize the nails and cuticles, you need very little of the product. Just shake the bottle so two phases combine, measure out the oil, apply to hands and thoroughly massage into nails and cuticles until it is fully absorbed.

My thoughts on Semilac Care Flower Essence Oils

Are you interested in my opinion on Semilac nail and cuticle oils?

The products are handy and beautifully designed. I put my trio on a mirror-side shelf and the flowers blending with the oils look breathtaking. The bottles reflect the light and look outstanding!

Fine, it’s not all about the bottle design. Formulas are second to none too. The gel-like oils spread easily on skin and penetrate it, not leaving a greasy film. Also, they smell amazing of cherries, nectarines and juicy lichee (depending on the type of oil).

Do Semilac nail and cuticle oils work?

I have no doubts about it. They do!

I started using Semilac Flower Essence Oils 3 weeks ago or so. My cuticles were very dry, overgrown and sticking out. I started rubbing Flower Essence Orange Strength (sometimes interchangeably with the other two) every evening before sleep and after each mani session. Now, I can brag about repaired, smooth and moisturized cuticles. I no longer have to spend my time cutting them.

I heartily recommend the oils! πŸ™‚