I get exercise so my skin looks flawless. What’s the effect of physical activity on the appearance of skin?

I can’t do without exercising. I’ve been training three times a week for a few years now. Physical activity lets me keep my body fit and skin – flawless. The skin, however, needs some help in cleansing and conditioning after a workout. How to get round to it? Read on to learn the must-know.

How sweat affects the appearance of skin?

98% of sweat produced while exercising is made of water, urea and lactic acid which moisturize the skin and are added to some cosmetics. What’s more, while working out, you sweat out toxins and other harmful substances. Thanks to that, the skin is clean and healthy. Also free radicals, which speed up aging process, are removed from the body.

It’s important that you clear the skin of sweat and sebum after a workout. Take a shower at a fitness club or at home. Ideally use an energizing or soothing gel. The cosmetic both removes sweat, oil, impurities and moisturizes and nourishes skin.

Sports improves blood circulation

For keeping skin good-looking and healthy, it is crucial to increase the blood flow. Regular workouts will help you with that. Even a stroll does work. Thanks to better blood circulation, they body receives more oxygen and nutrients. The skin is clean, the pores aren’t clogged by sebum, sweat and dead cells, skin is free from wrinkles and blackheads. Better blood flow also gives stronger, healthier and prettier hair because it keeps it from falling out and nourishes the follicles.

Hormones and acne vs physical activity

Sport reduces stress levels and stress-related consequences. When we stress out, cortisol is produced and it has a negative effect on the condition of skin. It stimulates sebaceous glands, which increases production of sebum triggering the occurrence of blackheads and acne. On the other hand, active lifestyle and regular exercising reduce stress. While exercising, cortisol levels off and the growth hormone is produced, affecting the synthesis of proteins. This translates to better muscles and skin. Also hormones of happiness are produced when we exercise: endorphin and serotonin.

Exercising and cellulite

Cellulite is an unevenly distributed fat tissue due to hormonal imbalance and overweight. To fight mild forms of cellulite, use exercises which stimulate blood circulation and speed up burning of fat tissue. In order to effectively get rid of cellulite or reduce it, you need to combine strength workout with aerobic exercising which together engage thighs and buttocks: body parts exposed to cellulite the most. Strolling, jogging, bike riding or cross-trainer and workout with weights.

What’s the best post-workout face care routine?

After a workout, thoroughly clear the face of sweat, oil and other impurities. I’ve got a rule I follow religiously, namely, I never apply makeup before working out. My skin would be hard done by makeup while exercising and I don’t care how I look at a gym. After sports, I use a mild cleanser e.g. a mousse and then a toner. Sometimes I also use a scrub and a moisturizing mask.