I fell for it… Non-essentials & beauty products I don’t recommend

It’s a time for my private vendetta. A rebellious post. I’m sure you all had products you believed to work amazing but then they turned out to be complete failures doing completely NOTHING. I’ve rounded up a few cosmetics that didn’t work for me and were the biggest cosmetic disappointments. To warn you, let me present my never-buy-again list.

Beauty products which DON’T work and I’m never going to repurchase

  1. Orphica Pure Eye Serum
    It’s a huge mistake. As much as I’m sure I’ll always have to pay my bills all my life, I was sure this serum would work wonders. It took me quite a while before I decided on such pricey under-eye product. On the website I read the serum smoothes out wrinkles, not just freshens up skin or reduces dark circles. I bought it, I used it up and I blew it. Zero effect!
    The serum is intended for evening routine and my skin looked amazing after application, it was moisturized, looked healthy and radiant. So what do I pick on? In the morning it looked tragic again. With or without Pure Serum, it looked the same and I spent big bucks on the product 🙁
    I don’t like it that Pure gives such poor results for this big price… I don’t recommend it if you turned 30. Maybe it’s a good one for teenage girls who don’t get enough sleep and have dark circles under the eyes because, I must say, it works great for this purpose.
  2. Aura Mugler Perfume
    I was fascinated by the product description and the vial which made me think of fresh, plant aroma. “The mysterious energy of life… Listen to your instinct…” The fragrance was supposed to be fresh and botanical so I expected some extraordinary, light aroma, both fresh and wild. I’m glad I bought a mini version because Aura fragrance definitely disturbed my aura…After an hour, I got a headache. After two hours, I felt sick. It was crazy! So you probably want to know how it smells. I’ll try to explain that. It’s like a combination of suffocating aroma of incense, wet earth (mud!) and disturbing smell in a funeral parlor… It has nothing to do with the description I’ve read.
    In Aura notes, I can smell liana, rhubarb and vanilla. In my opinion, it’s a really bad blend, liana smells like a wet shoelace. Never again.
  3.  L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo
    Three’s a crowd… I don’t think 3 clays in one shampoo make a good combination. This turned out to be too much for my hair. Dull, coarse, frizzy, unmanageable and stiff hair – that’s what my hair looked like thanks to the magic power of Loreal clay shampoo. It wasn’t ‘frog-to-princess’ kind of magic…
    The shampoo smells nice, has an untypical color, forms lots of lather and last long but it doesn’t make up for the terrible effect. My hair is oily and I need something that will get the grease away but this shampoo goes too far… Even skin on my head felt very dry and I’m sure longer use would cause lots of damage. I don’t know who would benefit from using this shampoo… Severus Snape maybe? His greasy tresses plus magic Loreal: this might work 😀 For all other types, don’t use it!
  4.  Moroccanoil for all hair types
    Moroccanoil was aggressively advertised and labeled celebs’ must have so I fell for it. I bought it without any second thoughts or suspicions. I lost my mind. We all know the truthful saying “good at everything, great at nothing”. It applies to Moroccanoil which is said to work for all types of hair. It turns out it’s not… It doesn’t work for mine.
    It’s an expensive, overpriced product which doesn’t work for deep repair treatment. It’s simply a leave-in conditioner with a natural oil and (another bad surprise!) silicones! I’m sure there are so many other oils to tame frizz and give hair shine costing much less e.g. Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor: a brilliant, light oil which has a subtle scent and amazing effect on hair.
    On the other hand, it’s obvious that we shouldn’t believe a brand which promises to bind your split ends back… (Moroccanoil Mending Infusion). Luckily conscious consumers won’t fall for it. I advise on trimming the tips instead. I think I’m not going to believe Moroccanoil ever again.

That’s it, I guess. The list is quite short yet shocking. Of course, there are other products that made me complain and frown but they didn’t disappoint like these four fails. Have you got your own never-buy-again list? If so, please share it in the comments so as to warn the others 🙂 Take care!