How to tend to your man’s beard? Brief hair care manual for men’s facial hair


Lately, barbershops became quite a sensation. If your man has facial hair and would want to take better care of it, it may be worth to pay a visit. However, if he prefers to take care of his hair on his own, then my tips will come handy. Read on and enjoy.

How often and what to use for beard wash?

Some claim that it is best to wash the beard every day. It is important for two reasons. All in all the beard has contact with food and some of it may get between hair. When washing beard you also wash the skin underneath. This way you limit the risk of dermatological diseases which may lead to hair weakening and damages. What should you use for the beard wash? It is best to choose cosmetics dedicated to men’s facial hair. Perfect for it will be also herbal shampoo with light formula.

The beard combing

Not only the hair on top of the head requires the use of the comb or a brush. The best accessories for the task are a comb made with an exotic tree or a boar bristle brush. What does it do? It improves blood circulation and that impacts hair bulbs nourishment and hair strengthening. What is more, combing makes beard gain volume and helps remove dead skin cells.

Moisturizing and oil treatment for beard

It is yet another important element of beard care. Remember that you should match moisturizing cosmetics and oils with beard’s needs but also skin type. It is not an easy task. Currently, the beauty industry is saturated with lots of oil-based cosmetics, waxes or moisturizing ingredients.

The beard wax

Haircare for the beard should be accompanied by the styling. It is easiest to tame hair with wax. Be careful not to leave white marks or lumps and not to clump hair. Apply wax in small amounts and only then proceed with styling. If you heat up wax in fingers, it will be easier to work with and to use.

How to trim and groom beard?

You will need sharp scissors, a trimmer or an electric razor with various length attachments. Choose the shape of the beard accordingly to the face shape while keeping in mind whether the jawline is sharp or can you allow yourself large sideburns or can you go wild with the length.