How to take care of various skin types? My foolproof tricks

I bet you know by now that various skin types need to be exposed to completely different type of care. Still, there are some elements of skin care that remain unchanged no matter the skin type. Naturally, you have to make sure that the skin care products you expose your face to answer its needs. Is there some universal method of taking care of face skin?

What skin types can you distinguish?

  1. Normal skin – basically, it isn’t clogged and is rather thick. Sadly, it’s easy to deteriorate its condition by applying ill-matching products or running some weird experiments on it. If your skin is normal, I advise you to apply creamy face washes and light moisturizers.
  2. Oily skin – it may have problems with acne, its pores are frequently clogged and additionally it shines in an uncontrolled way due to the excess of sebum. In order to take care of it correctly, you should steer clear of oily and greasy creams.
  3. Dry skin – irritated and reddened, and this uncomfortable feeling of tight skin is what you sense most of the time. Is there anything to soothe your dry skin? In this case, you should go for moisturizing, lubricating, relieving irritations and preventing transepidermal water loss.
  4. Combination skin – oily in T-zone with dry cheeks. If you want to maintain combination skin in a good shape, you should follow the tips concerning dry and oily skin care.

How do I take care of my skin? Universal skin care tips


I always make sure that:

  • my skin is washed once or twice a day with warm (not hot) tap water;
  • I use a gentle face wash that has to be rinsed;
  • I towel-dry my skin delicately.

The things that I avoid include: fierce towel rubbing, harsh exfoliation and use of regular soaps.


The best skin exfoliation treatment depends on:

  • carrying it out in the morning;
  • removing dead skin cells no more than once or twice a week;
  • making use of DIY products;
  • massaging skin with circular motions.

What you mustn’t do is using scrubs which grains are coarse. Also, you shouldn’t expose your skin to exfoliation too often.


If you want to get well-hydrated skin, you should:

  • replenish skin with water twice a day;
  • apply creams to dampen face;
  • spread skin care products on face, neck and cleavage;
  • use moisturizers even if your skin is acne-prone;
  • match the face cream to your skin type.

What you should stay away from is fierce pressing, stretching and kneading skin while applying moisturizers.