How to take care of sensitive, allergy-prone and hyperactive skin?

Taking care of sensitive skin isn’t as simple as you might think it is. The skin’s response to almost every kind of external factor usually takes the form of hyperactivity. Frequently, this skin type develops allergies fast and it’s rather troublesome to find matching beauty products to soothe it. Therefore, if your skin is sensitive, keep reading my today’s post to learn how to take care of it and what things should you avoid.

Washing your face with water and soap

This is a really bad idea when it comes to sensitive skin care. Why? Both soap and tap water contribute to hair dehydration, damage hydro-lipid coat and cause irritations. For that reason, it’s definitely more beneficial to wash sensitive skin in boiled (let it cool down first), spring, low-mineral or demineralised water. Instead of soap, go for gentle face washes which pH is neutral and are free from SLS, SLES, alcohol and other irritating substances.

Mechanical peel for sensitive skin

You can take it for granted that if your expose your sensitive skin to mechanical peel, then it will get irritated fast. Redness, epidermal damage and this uncomfortable sensation of tight skin are what you will surely experience. A way better solution is application of enzymatic peels or gommage that exfoliate skin gently and contain natural ingredients. This type of skin exfoliation should be carried out once a week. Note: If your skin is hyperactive, reduce the frequency of the treatment to twice a month.

Don’t resign from using tested skin care products

Sensitive, allergy-prone and hyperactive skin doesn’t like being exposed to new cosmetics and new forms of care. Therefore, if your old products serve you well and don’t cause any irritation, then what is the point in looking for their alternatives? Surely, you don’t want to encourage your skin to develop more ailments and allergies, do you? For that reason, stick to a set of beauty products that suits your sensitive skin in 100%.

Test a beauty product before you apply it

Before using a cosmetic on a daily basis, run a patch test first. Pick up a small amount of a product and apply it to a skin area that is usually covered with a piece of clothing or hair. If you don’t spot any changes on your skin within 48 hours, then you can start applying the cosmetic regularly.

Too hot bath and too hot showers

Water which temperature is too high may damage hydro-lipid coat of skin and consequently left it irritated. Moreover, you can simply scald the skin with hot water. If your skin is sensitive, allergy-prone and hyperactive, then taking hot bath/shower is a really bad idea. Instead of exposing your body to high temperature, rest your body in a bath filled with lukewarm water enriched with beauty oils, herbs and fruit.

Chemical UV filters

Sensitive, allergy-prone and hyperactive skin has to be shield against the sun, but you must do this wisely. For example, don’t use sunscreens with chemical filters because they may irritate and clog your skin pores. A definitely more effective solution is the application of mineral sunscreens that contain either zinc or titanium dioxide. Neither compound penetrates skin but remain on skin surface and bounce back the sunlight.

Cosmetics with mineral oils

Mineral oils create a protective coat on skin surface that shields dermis against external aggressors. You can expect such cosmetics to work well in winter and every time when skin needs immediate protection. On the other hand, mineral oil may clog skin pores and impede penetration of nourishing substances. Also, removing mineral oil from face skin might appear fairly troublesome.

I hope that my pieces of advice will help you stay away from adverse effects of using mis-matching beauty products. If you know other sensitive skin care tips, please leave a comment below.