How to make fragrance last longer? My tried & tested tricks

You’ve got your favorite perfume but the aroma is gone in short time or you can’t smell it at all? It might be the product’s fault or because you’re not doing anything to keep it longer lasting. How to change that? Check how to make your perfume last long.

Fragrance vs dry skin

Perfumes stay on skin differently depending on the type of skin. Dry skin is hardest done in this respect and the durability of a product is reduced. The secret is the sebum. That’s why perfume used to be made up of oils too whereas now most fragrances are based on alcohol which dries out the skin.

Scentless body lotion as base for perfume

In order to keep the aroma longer, try using a scentless body balm as a primer. Rub the lotion in skin that you spray fragrance on – the neck, chest, wrists or any other place you want. Wait until it’s absorbed or re-apply if necessary. Spray your perfume on.

Remember you can use a lotion which at the same time has a moisturising, noruishing and illuminating effect. This way your skin can both smell amazing longer and look youthful and radiant. Instead of a lotion, you can use vaseline but you should know it has a subtle yet characteristic scent.

Body lotion and perfume from the same line

It’s a great idea to make fragrance longer-lasting too. You get a double dose of the beautiful smell. On the other hand, it’s a bit pricier option. Let’s hope you’re going to receive such set for your birthday 🙂 For those who want to save up: try an ordinary scentless body lotion.

Basic rules for applying perfume

The best tips for perfume application are obviously the simplest. You can get long-lasting fragrance by applying it to the pulse points, that is the neck, wrists, inner elbows and knees.