How aloe saved my skin? My secret way to deal with sunburn

I have to confess to doing something a little bit silly. You know that I like sunbathing but recently I’ve overdone it. Even sunscreens didn’t help because my skin got pretty red after spending an entire day outdoors. Luckily, I found how to fix this problem. Keep reading to find out how aloe helped me bring relief to sunburned skin and how it took care of tanned skin.

Aloe before sunbathing

Before you expose your gorgeous bodies to the sun, remember to apply sunscreens that will shield you against hazardous UVA and UVB rays. Both of them can do serious harm to your skin, trust me. To demonstrate, UVA rays cause micro inflammations that contribute to photoageing. UVB rays are responsible for producing melanin on one hand, but on the other, they cause sunburn.

Luckily, you can prevent those nasty consequences thanks to aloe. Basically, you can use it externally and internally. Keep in mind though that it won’t provide you with 100% sun protection. Therefore, you have to use it together with regular sunscreens. So what’s the point in using aloe? Well, the task it handles depends on moisturizing skin, soothing possible irritations and preventing premature skin ageing.

Aloe after sunbathing

I spread aloe over my body right after returning home. If I had done this earlier, I’d have prevented the irritations, that’s for sure. In my case this natural moisturizer worked almost the moment applied: it replenished my skin with water in no time and relieved irritations. Additionally, aloe juice reduced skin redness, eliminated prickling sensation and my skin didn’t feel tight.

Post sunbathing aloe use

There are numerous ways of using aloe. The aloe product I chose contains 99% pure aloe, but you can go for any cosmetic with aloe you want. As far as I’m concerned, the products that combine UV filters and aloe juice are pretty common. You can reach for aloe mists or sprays, for example. Of course, you can also prepare your own cosmetic to soothe your body after sunbathing like for example a toner to spritz it over your face and body skin.

DIY: Toner with aloe

Prepare the following ingredients: a few aloe leaves, a green cucumber (it’s also able to relieve irritations), soothing herbal distillate and a bottle with atomizer. Keep your homemade cosmetic in a fridge and apply it morning and/or evening, or anytime you think you should do this. How to prepare your toner? Extract the flesh of aloe from the leaves, combine it with cucumber juice and herbal distillate. Keep mixing or blending and then pour into the bottle with atomizer.

What are your ways to deal with sunburn?