Floral waters: what are they and why I love them madly?

I’ve decided to revolutionize my beauty kit recently. I’ve replaced most ready-made cosmetics with natural or homemade products. Floral waters, also known as hydrosols, have become my favorites. After a few weeks of use, I must say the effects are spectacular! What are hydrosols exactly and how to use them? Enjoy reading!

What are hydrosols?

Floral waters are the by products of essential oil extraction. They have a subtle aroma and rarely cause allergic reactions or discomfort. Hydrosols are natural and free from parabens, preservatives and synthetic scents. Their main purpose is restoring skin’s pH. Keep that in mind: properly used floral water opens skin pores and thus increases the absorption of conditioning substances into the skin.

Hydrosols give amazing effects for all skin types. They have the best conditioning effect on sensitive, dry, tight-feeling, dehydrated, swollen, inflamed, couporase or red skin. If your skin is oily, use them just in summer; choose a toner for other seasons of the year. This way you can keep skin in shape, prevent unhealthy shine and blackheads, as well as keep post-summer blemishes at bay.

Which floral water is best for you?

There’s no clear answer. No matter which hydrosol you pick, you get the best conditioning power. The best floral waters are:

  • witch hazel hydrosol: clears pores and reduces sebum secretion;
  • verbena hydrosol: does the same as one above;
  • dwarf everlast hydrosol: intended for thin, delicate, sensitive, couperose skin, and to treat acne and inflammation;
  • Damask rose water: soothes irritated skin, reduces activity of capillaries;
  • linden hydrosol: just right for oily, dehydrated or inflamed skin;
  • lavender hydrosol: the best one for beginners!

How do I use floral waters?

When using hydrosols, there are no strict rules that we should follow. I use floral waters interchangeably with toners or instead of them. If you feel like giving hydrosols a try, remember that they don’t act as makeup removers. Don’t apply them to cotton pads because this way you waste the product (it’s absorbed into the pad). So how to use hydrosol? Pour it on hand palms and tap on skin or spray it on. Floral waters also help restore hydro-lipid balance to skin. After using your hydrosol, apply serum, oil, gel or moisturizer so it’ll be absorbed better.