Flawless beauty care: what are the exact amounts of products to use for face, body & hair?

I don’t know about you but I find it hard to choose the right amounts of products for various body parts. I usually use too much and need to wait until they’re absorbed. What’s the perfect amount of cosmetics to apply to your face, body or hair?

Day/night moisturizer and sunscreen

An almond size is the best size. The thing you must remember is never apply the product directly to face. First, rub it between the palms to warm it up a bit. This way you make it penetrate more quickly and work better.

Eye cream

It should be a tiny amount as it covers small skin area. The size of a grain of rice or a sunflower seed is all it takes (one for each eye). Gently massage or tap the product into the skin around the eyes. Remember not to rub the skin because you can damage its structure and make wrinkles appear more quickly.

Face serum

It’s a highly-concentrated product so you don’t need much. A coffee grain or pea size is enough. If you use a watery serum, measure out three or four drops. Do the same when using a beauty oil.


People tend to think they need an amount of shampoo right for their hair length. However, the product is mostly destined for cleansing the scalp. That’s why all you need is a walnut-sized amount. Remember to thoroughly rinse the shampoo with water.

Hair mask and conditioner

Contrary to shampoos, you need to measure out enough mask or conditioner for the length of the hair. If your hair’s short, get the size of a cherry; double the amount for long hair.

Face cleansers

The amount of gels, foams and other cleansers should be the same as the amount of a moisturizer you use. On the other hand, when it comes to makeup removers, use as much as is necessary to thoroughly clear the skin of makeup.


Exfoliation of dead skin cells matters a lot for the looks and health of skin. Let’s do it a few times a week. The amount you need for the face area, for example, is the size of raspberry.