Facial exercises: making faces for flawless skin

Every single day, I wake up and make weird faces in the mirror, stick my tongue out at the reflection, tap my cheeks with the fingers and make a series of duck faces as if someone was taking my picture… Have I gone crazy? Nope! This is my morning facial workout!

I’m curious if you’ve ever come across something similar. I believe that morning exercising still isn’t very popular even though it brings lots of benefits. Let me know if you do it or not. I’d like to prepare some statistics 🙂

Let’s get to the point, that is how it all began. Why I started face exercising and what my gains are!

Benefits of face exercising

If you’re still wondering what (if anything at all) can be achieved by pulling faces, you must read about the benefits of facial exercises.

An everyday workout is an excellent way to make the face slimmer and enhance the facial features. All you must remember about it exercise on a regular basis and do it the right way to get an elasticity boost and improve skin’s tightness in the most problematic parts (cheeks, chin, eyelids). The face workout helps you deliver oxygen to skin and improves microcirculation so the fat tissue it burnt more quickly and the products we apply have twice as much power.

Why in the morning?

To be honest, you can exercise your face muscles any time of the day, even before sleep or during a lunch break. It doesn’t need any special preparation, outfits or place. That’s why I love it so much!

However, I am determined to exercise my facial muscles in the morning right after waking up. To me, it has lots of benefits:

  • face exercises are stimulating and activate the muscles;
  • it is a great priming for a day moisturizer;
  • skin circulation is boosted so the cheeks get a lovely blush;
  • we can relax and make ourselves laugh thanks to funny faces;
  • it is a really amazing way to start off a new day.

Which facial exercises do I swear by?

Morning face workout may be different for each of you. There is no one-size-fits-all set of exercises. There are so many of them that everyone can make it their own way.

Still, let me tell you about my favorite exercises which are very easy and give amazing results.

  • Exercise 1. I let myself yawn flauntingly, open my mouth the widest possible, stretching it to the left and to the right.
  • Exercise 2. I puff the cheeks out with air by turns and then both at the same time. Blowing up a balloon gives the same effect.
  • Exercise 3. For quite a while, I make strange faces in the mirror e.g. duck face, exaggerated smile, surprised look, evil frown.
  • Exercise 4. I smile and lift lip corners with the fingers, and hold as long as I can.
  • Exercise 5. To finish off, I massage the face using circular motions and smooth it like I try to iron out the wrinkles with my hand.

Note! You need to repeat every exercise for approx. 15 seconds!

Effects of the morning facial exercising

This whole face workout takes me around 5 minutes in total. I sometimes like to combine no. 5, that it relaxing massage, with applying a moisturizer, which lets me save a few precious seconds in the morning rush.

What benefits do I receive from the exercises? Most of all, it’s my way to wake myself up. It’s really nice to start a day when my skin gets such an energy boost yet there are more benefits. A moisturizer I put on next is better absorbed and the skin keeps radiant and illuminated all day long.

Still, I noticed striking effects after approx. 2 weeks of everyday morning workout. That was the time when I noticed my face got firmer and smoother. The hated double chin is gone, and the cheeks look somewhat slimmer and, above all, there are no more dark circles or puffy eyes.

I’m really glad that I’ve take up facial exercising. Now, it’s a part of my daily routine and I don’t feel like breaking it! 🙂