ECOCERT certified cosmetics. What makes them top the ‘eco-unfriendly’ products?

We’re all crazy about cosmetics or I guess “good cosmetics” is more accurate. What does “good” actually mean? For some of you it’s a lipstick or moisturizer at a steep price whereas for others it rather means certified cosmetics. Have you ever wondered what a quality certificate is? Which one really matters and which ones are completely pointless? Today, I’d like to tell you a bit about one of the most prestigious and demanding certifications which gives you a lot of information on a quality of a given product. Let me introduce ECOCERT!

What is Ecocert?

ECOCERT is an international organization based in France. Its responsibilities and scope of activity comprise environmental protection activities and (since 2002) the control of eco-friendly cosmetics as well as providing them with certificates. It’s an independent and unbiased organization whereas its members have all necessary qualifications to fulfil these responsibilities.

ECOCERT certificates are granted all over the world, including Japan and United States. The Ecocert seal is regarded as the most prestigious and reliable label which proves that a product is safe and trustworthy.

Currently, there are 23 branches of ECOCERT all over the world in Asia, America, Europe and Africa. You can come across their logo on beauty products and in SPA resorts, on natural paints, household chemicals, natural cleaning products.

What’s the procedure of granting the label to cosmetics?

How to receive the ECOCERT mark?

In order to obtain the label, a product has to go through a special inspection process which determines if a product can be classified as eco-friendly, natural and safe. What requirements should it fulfil?

Firstly: the technological manufacturing process has to be carried out in an environmentally-friendly way and ingredients have to be derived respecting the environment. The key thing is that the organization doesn’t only attach importance to the raw materials but also to the packaging: it is supposed to be biodegradable or at least recyclable.

Secondly, there cannot be any harmful ‘not cool’ substances, in other words, the prohibited ones:

  • (plant and animal) genetically modified materials (GMO);
  • materials derived from living animals (e.g. milk, honey);
  • artificial fats, oils, silicones, parabens, paraffin and other substances derived in petroleum refining process, PEGs;
  • artificial aromas and pigments.

Thirdly, the end product cannot be tested on animals so even the littlest creature won’t be hurt.

Fourthly, sterilization of raw materials and finished products through radioactive irradiation is prohibited. Thanks to ECOCERT, we can purchase products that are really safe.

Fifthly, ECOCERT grants two types of certificates: for organic and for natural cosmetics yet 95% of the composition must be natural in both cases. In the case of organic products, the remaining five percent comes from the organic crops.

Summing up, the ECOCERT label tells you that both the packaging is on a high level and doesn’t destroy the planet as well as the product isn’t just a big commercial bulsh. It’s something that’s been created in line with the environment and for our well-being.

Do you check products for the ECOCERT seal? I hope it’s important to you or it will be after reading this post. Finishing off, as always, I encourage you to comment and share your thoughts on your good looks and the Earth’s beauty and if it matters to you too. Why don’t you have some eco-friendly reflection? 🙂 Have a beautiful day!