DIY: The best home scalp treatments

Do you know this feeling of happiness and pleasure when it appears that you created an all-natural, effective, homemade cosmetic? Indeed, playing a cosmetic demiurge can give you a lot of fun. Therefore, today I’m going to give you an idea for hella entertainment for this weekend – Scalp treatments that will surely give you tremendous satisfaction not only because you create them yourself but also because of the incredible effects achieved. Create them, combine them and use them!

Home scalp treatments are perfect for everybody whose scalp is sensitive and can’t tolerate heavy alcohols or synthetic substance that store-bought products contain. Of course, this isn’t the only group of people who should make use of home scalp treatments. Actually, these diy hair care products should be considered as a must by those who mind the state of their hair. Homemade scalp conditioner should be kept in a fridge and used within 3-4 days.

When should you turn to diy scalp treatment?

You can reach for a scalp conditioner always when you

  • want to increase the speed of your hair growing;
  • want to stop your hair from thinning;
  • dream of having thick hair;
  • have either dry or oily scalp;
  • care for reinforcing your hair;
  • want to restore shine to matte and dull hair.

Nettle and horsetail scalp treatment

This scalp treatment makes a really rich source of silicon that is necessary for two things: to help scalp look good and to help the follicles grow strong hair. When supplied with silicon, hair grows thicker, stronger and has stunning and intensive color. Apart from that, nettle and horsetail scalp treatment soothes irritated and itchy skin on the head, reduces seborrhea which results in hair remaining fresh and light for longer.

Brew a tablespoon of nettle and horsetail. Simply, pour boiling water (250 ml) over the herbs. You can use it even a few times a day.

Burdock and sweet flag scalp treatment

Both plants complement each other pretty well. This scalp treatment is just perfect for those who deal with seborrhea. Also, it significantly improves hair growth. Both plants are long-known for being strong enough to fight off bacteria and delivering many nourishing substances to the follicles.

Keep boil a teaspoon of burdock root and a teaspoon of sweet flag for 3-5 minutes. Later strain the mixture, let it cool down and rub into scalp and hair on a daily basis.

Bitch juice (birch water) scalp treatment

I’m sure you have heard about it since this is one of the most popular scalp treatments. It doesn’t require any preparation so there is no need for you to transform into a weekend alchemists. All you have to do is buy birch juice. Of course, it would be best if you managed to find certified and eco birch juice that is free from any additives.

Once you treat the hair with birch water, you will see the strands becoming soft and glossy. It’s mainly recommended for oily and dry scalp but it will also take care of weak hair. Apart from that, birch juice helps heavy and stiff hair become soft and more manageable! It’s a real miracle worker!

Lemon scalp treatment

Another ultra fast and highly effective homemade scalp treatment; it’s quite popular among bloggers. Of course, it balances sebum production, restores right skin’s pH, freshens up and combats dandruff.

Take half lemon juice and mix it with 125 ml of fresh water. Rub it into scalp (after hair washing) and don’t rinse.

Coffee scalp treatment

The speed of hair growth is skyrocketing when you expose the follicles to coffee scalp treatment. Well, this is what they said because I couldn’t notice any significant improvement in the thickness of my hair. Perhaps it was caused by the fact that I had been using Nanoil before, and this hair care product is really something! I think there’s nothing that would surprise me with the effects since I’ve seen what Nanoil is able to do. Anyway, caffeine that this scalp treatment contains improves circulation which results in stronger follicles and better scalp nourishment. This, of course, leads to improved hair growth.

Brew coffee and when it cools down apply it to scalp every 2-3 days (remove the grounds). Naturally, blonde-haired women must be more careful when using this dark colored scalp conditioner. Therefore, if your hair is fair, it’s better to reduce the frequency of application – just once a week would be okay.

Black radish scalp treatment

Who doesn’t know it? Black radish appears to be the best conditioner for weak hair that is deprived of strength, volume and color. It can’t be denied that black radish doesn’t smell good but the positive effects (i.g. regeneration, reinforcement and nourishment) surely make up for it.

Put a half black radish into a juice extractor. Then, pour the juice into a bottle with atomizer. Close your nose 🙂 and spray your hair and scalp with radish juice 30 minutes before hair washing.

Did you know any of the scalp treatments I listed above? Perhaps you use some other homemade scalp treatments that boost the appearance of your hair? Do you combine scalp conditioners with natural oils? Hit me up in the comments!