Beauty routine: My set of beauty products to use morning and evening

Is it a good idea to settle into routine with skin care? Perhaps our skin prefers diversity? Well, this depends mainly on the current state our skin is and whether it seeks some changes. In my opinion, it’s beneficial to introduce some small changes into your beauty routine so as to satisfy skin’s needs and shield it against various aggressive factors characteristic for a particular season. Nevertheless, in the long run, an unmodified beauty routine serves skin well.

I’m sure that the beauty treatments I carry out on a daily basis don’t differ much from the ones you are used to performing. Some steps like makeup removal, application of face cream or skin exfoliation are pretty the same. But…

Does something like universal beauty routine exist?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Beauty routine is something that has to suit us, fulfill the needs of our skin, fit budget and time. Therefore, even if we act similarly, then each one of us should make sure that her own beauty routine is customized to some extent. And it may take various forms, for example you may turn to personalized beauty products or choose the treatments that are right just for you.

In other words, there’s no such thing as the ultimate beauty routine, or universal beauty routine – simply, this is a matter of our needs.

How to arrange your customized beauty routine?

Luckily, settling your own beauty routine is far from being challenging. All you have to do is go through three simple steps.

  1. Defining your skin type
    Skin may be different. Before we find the matching beautifying treatments, you have to get to know your skin better. Actually, it’s a good idea to run a skin analysis – for exemple, you can either ask for a help a professional beautician or watch your skin carefully at home. Why is it crucial? Because a completely different set of beauty treatments is required by oily skin, other for dry skin and other for combination skin.
  2. Problem identification
    The next step is defining what wrong is with your skin, what you wish to improve and what problems your skin has to face. This task is easy to handle because each one of us perfectly knows what you don’t like in your faces. Why should you do this? Because when we finally realize what our problem is, it will become easy to find the type of care to solve it. For example, if you suffer from broken capillaries, choose a cream that fortifies the walls of blood vessels. If your skin is acne-prone, make sure that you keep cleaning your face correctly, and so on, and so forth.
  3. Creating beauty routine schedule
    Once you walk through the above-mentioned steps, you can get to creating your individual beauty routine schedule. Match the beauty products to ensure adequate hydration and protection against aggressive factors. Also, make sure that the cosmetics you use target the ailments you wish to eliminate. In my opinion, you should have two cosmetic sets: morning and evening. Obviously, beauty routine can be really minimalist, but it can also be made of a few stages (just like Asian women do) – the bottom line here is that it must be ‘your’.

How does my beauty routine look like?

I can describe my beauty routine as a combination of minimalist and multi-stage skin care. To clarify, I think that my skin needs something more than the bare minimum, yet I don’t have that much time on my hands and patience to go through all the stages every day.

If you are curious how my beauty routine looks like, you’ll find my personalized schedule below.


  1. Washing face with a light gel – I start each day with washing my face in order to get rid of sebum that gathers on my skin at night, and to feel fresh.
  2. Application of day cream – clean skin is ready to receive a portion of moisture and nourishment, so I reach for a light and well-absorbed face cream. I apply day creams that contain UV filters to shield my face skin from the sun. Also, I choose non-greasy creams because they may ruin makeup.
  3. Doing no-makeup makeup – yes, applying makeup is included in my list of beauty routine because the BB cream and mascara that I use have extra conditioning properties. Besides, makeup is a morning routine, isn’t it?
  4. Using a lip balm – the last step is lip care (that most of us skip). I apply a thin layer of moisturizing lip balm.


  1. Removing makeup with cleansing oil – I begin with taking off makeup, which is the most important task to handle in the evening. To do it, I use a home blend of oils (1/3 castor oil + 2/3 almond oil). Obviously, I keep wiping the colour cosmetics off until I see that the cotton pad is clean. Only then can I be sure that I removed everything.
  2. Using micellar lotion – the second step is applying micellar lotion that helps me remove oil residues and other impurities that can’t be seen with the naked eye. It’s advised to rinse micellar lotion with fresh water and towel-dry the face.
  3. Applying face toner – this is a really important step that is often skipped by many women. I do my best to keep in mind that treating face with a toner is essential. It has to be done to balance skin’s pH and prevent possible skin damage that makeup removal may cause.
  4. Putting on face serum – when face is finally clean, I apply serum. It’s a highly concentrated product which task is to supply skin with nutrients. I use highlighting and rejuvenating serum with vitamins C+E. I delicately pat the serum into face using fingertips.
  5. Applying eye cream – the last step is application of eye serum. It has to be realized that serum might be too harsh for this incredibly thin and sensitive eye skin. If I don’t use an eye cream at bedtime, I wake up with sagging and dark circles. Oh, yuck!

And this is where my round-the-clock beauty routine finishes!

Let me know how your daily beauty routine look like 🙂