Are your perfumes authentic? Find out and don’t let them pull your leg again!

Just think for a while, how many times it happened that you unconsciously bought some fake piece of clothing or a bag. But how many times did you pay for counterfeited fragrances? It’s a some kind of plague, literally! Many of us aren’t able to tell fake perfumes from an original, therefore we’re convinced that we buy brand-name fragrances which, sadly, are fake. How to stay away from such a goof-up?

Check the packaging of the fragrances

It’s really important for you to know exactly how the box of perfumes you intend to buy looks like. For example, make sure that there are no mistakes in the name of the fragrance, like for example doubled letters or some weird characters. Scan with your eyes the producer’s name and other inscriptions that are characteristic for the perfumes you want to buy – look for some bizarre misprints. Also, make sure that the packaging features the full name of the fragrances, not only a part of it.

Take a look at the phial

Take the phial to your hand and feel it, check whether its colors correspond to the original bottle, check the size and shape. Pay attention to the inscriptions, too. To clarify, if the font, durability of the print and the arrangement don’t raise a red flag to you, then probably you’re dealing with the real, I mean, original perfumes.

What color is your perfume?

The color of fragrances is yet another thing to verify. Even the slightest oddities of their shade might prove that the product contains alcohol or essential oil that shouldn’t be included in the composition. Of course, it’s a good practice to check the very aroma and compare it with the original fragrance. Actually, I need to tell you that changed colour or aroma of perfume might indicate that they are spoiled. It goes without saying that using such product may lead to development of some nasty skin ailments.

How to tell fake perfumes from an original?

I’ve given you the key factors that help you to identify which phial contains counterfeited fragrances. However, there are other methods to take into consideration while buying fragrances. Pay attention to the caps, atomizers, the way the perfumes are packaged, and of course the price. For example, the cellophane foil is stronger and tighter on genuine fragrances. And if a particular perfume costs a few times less than it should, then you can be sure that this item is fake.