A cosmetic fridge: what should you keep there and what’s forbidden?

There are various rules for storing beauty products. Some cosmetics must be kept far away from the sunlight and humidity whereas others can be stored at room temperature. There are even products that are hard done by the conditions in your bathroom. Have you ever heard of a beauty product refrigerator? This gadget makes your cosmetics last longer and upgrades their effectiveness. Does a cosmetic fridge make a good buy?

Why keep beauty products in the fridge?

  1. Reducing face and eye puffiness. The benefits of coolness are obvious in this respect so I’m not going to elaborate on this topic. Cooled rollers or pads work the most effectively treating puffy eyes after a sleepless night.
  2. Regulating sebum production. Higher temperatures mean trouble for the oily skin so if you want to reduce the risk of sebum overproduction, keep the skin cool. This way, you make skin pores smaller and slow down the work of sebum glands.
  3. Ingredients. If a cosmetic is made of antioxidants, you should store it in the fridge to make it work better and prevent the components from going off.
  4. Clear directions for storage. There are some products that have to be kept in the refrigerator. Thanks to the right storage, you will make them longer-lasting and prevent the cosmetics from losing their properties.

Which beauty products must be stored in the fridge?

All customized cosmetics and semi-products, all preservative-free products which might go off within a day, and your homemade cosmetics made of food ingredients.

Which cosmetics to store in the fridge?

  • toners and essences which give you a fresh look in the morning;
  • gel-like moisturizing serum which smoothes out skin and soothes irritations;
  • sheet masks which reduce swelling, hydrate and relieve irritations;
  • moisturizers and light emulsions which freshen up the skin;
  • serum and ampules which keep their properties longer when stored in the dark fridge;
  • all metal, jade or quartz rollers and massaging tools which remove swelling;
  • under-eye creams and pads which reduce puffiness;
  • cooling products that work better when you keep them in the refrigerator;
  • nighttime face masks which cool the face after washing.

Which cosmetics not to keep in the fridge?

  • beauty oils which may have different properties when kept in cool conditions;
  • thick creams based on oils and waxes which may harden and lose their properties;
  • sunscreens which may change their formula;
  • solid products e.g. bath bombs or powder scrubs;
  • clay-based face masks which harden in the fridge;
  • acid-infused cosmetics which may change their properties;
  • foundations, lipsticks, lip balms.

Is a cosmetic fridge worth it?

Firstly, there aren’t cosmetic fridges as such. The available ones are just prettier versions of office or camping fridges. Before purchase, you should do some research and choose the right one for your needs. Also check the warranty and procedure for fixing possible failures. Even though cosmetic fridges are small, you can fit lots of products in them. Too bad, they have some flaws too. They’re pretty loud and power-consuming. Is a cosmetic refrigerator worth buying? The decision is up to you 🙂